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Computer Sources, Inc.
37 Leliarts Lane,
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
HDMI High Speed connection cable, type A M/M, 2m w/Ethernet, Ultra HD 60p, gold black

HDMI High Speed connection cable, type A M/M, 2m w/Ethernet, Ultra HD 60p, gold black

Part Number: AK-330107-020-S

To order contact us;

Computer Sources,Inc.
21B Millar Court
NJ 07652 

Minimum order amount $2500.00

Product Details


4K/Ultra HD and 3D capable + Ethernet connectivity

- Supports UHD up to 4K/60 Hz
- Supports 3D signal transmission
- Supports ARC (bidirectional audio transmission) - Use a microphone and speakers via a cable
- Supports CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) - Control connected, compatible devices via the HDMI cable
- Supports lip sync (audio/video synchronization) - Lip synchronization with the sound, never again time-shifted sound output
- Supports Dolby TrueHD
- Supports Ethernet connectivity (HEC)

With this cable standard, this high-speed HDMI cable supports all of today's requirements - from the playback of high-resolution UHD 4K content, including in 3D, via bidirectional audio transmission (ARC), to the control of HDMI devices via CEC. You can also use Internet applications via the HDMI cable without having to connect an additional Ethernet cable. With lip sync, you will never experience time-shifted lip movements again. In addition, you can use this cable to transfer up to 32 audio channels, as well as enjoy the image output in 21:9 Cinemascope format. Get more out of your Blu-Ray player, game console or HD streaming portal. Gold-plated contacts and triple shielding of the cable ensure maximum conductivity and trouble-free transmission.


Cable length

2 m

Connector 1

HDMI Type A (Standard)

Connector 2

HDMI Type A (Standard)

Product colour




Maximum resolution

3840 x 2160 pixels

AWG wire size


Connector contacts plating


Cable material


Connector gender


Weight & dimensions

Package volume

997.5 cm³

Package width

150 mm

Package depth

190 mm

Package weight

117.5 g

Package type


Other features

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