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Computer Sources, Inc.
37 Leliarts Lane,
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
Roof Divider Panels - 800mm X 100mm - White  2 Pieces

Roof Divider Panels - 800mm X 100mm - White 2 Pieces

Part Number: A002H-080000-400

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Computer Sources,Inc.
21B Millar Court
NJ 07652 

Minimum order amount $2500.00

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The Nexpand roof divider panels are our new approach to cable ducts. They allow you to optimise the way cables are led to the rack. The divider panels have been design to provide a cable duct solution that can adapt to your specific needs. The roof offers mounting possibilities in a pitch of 100mm. Install the roof divider panel as you need to create your cable duct. This means that you can easily convert your 200 mm wide cable duct into a 400 mm one if a greater amount of cables has to be managed. They can be integrated seamlessly into the rack. Because this cabling system is attached directly to the racks, it is independent of its surroundings in which it is put to use. As the data center or server room grows, the cable management can easily grow with it, without having to make modifications to the structure of the building, such as anchoring to the ceiling. To have them closed at the top or sides, there are divider panels top and end covers for it, standard dimensions for these items are 100, 200 and 400 mm. These divider panels can be bayed from cabinet to cabinet with the use of the coupling set (sold separately).

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