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Pci-e SATA III 2port Card W/ 2 Msata Slots & Hyperduo Tiering

Pci-e SATA III 2port Card W/ 2 Msata Slots & Hyperduo Tiering

Part Number: PEXMSATA3422

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Computer Sources,Inc.
21B Millar Court
NJ 07652 

Minimum order amount $2500.00

Product Details


The PEXMSATA3422 PCI Express SATA Card helps you improve the overall speed and storage capacity of your computer by giving you multiple 6 Gbps SATA connections for connecting high-performance SSDs (Solid State Drives) and hard drives in a HyperDuo array. Now, you can easily add two mSATA slots and two SATA III ports to your computer through a single PCIe x4 slot.

Featuring HyperDuo technology, the SATA card offers SSD auto-tiering which lets you balance the performance advantages of SSD storage with the cost-effectiveness and large capacity of standard hard drives. By combining SSD and HDD drives into a single volume (up to 3 SSD + 1 HDD), HyperDuo discreetly works in the background to identify and move frequently accessed files to the faster SSD drive(s) for improved data throughput - up to 80% of SSD performance! (Note: The HyperDuo automatic storage tiering feature is compatible with computers that use a BIOS.)

This versatile RAID controller card helps to relieve the internal space constraints often associated with multi-drive configurations by letting you install two mSATA SSDs directly to the card via convenient, latching slots. With dual mSATA slots, as well as two internal SATA ports, the card offers an effective hardware RAID solution, with native RAID (0, 1) support.

The PCIe SATA controller also offers Port Multiplier (PM) support, so you can connect multiple SATA drives to just one port, for a total of 7 drives (up to 4 drives through PM on one port, plus a single drive to the other SATA port and two mSATA slots).

For added versatility, the controller card is equipped with a standard profile bracket and includes a low-profile/half-height bracket for installation in small form-factor computers.

Throughput Benchmark

Drive configuration Throughput Drive size
1 x HDD 112.81 MB/s 2 TB
1 x SSD 490.28 MB/S 120 GB
1 x HDD + 1 x SSD HyperDuo (Safe Mode) 489.28 MB/s 2 TB
1 x HDD + 2 x SSD HyperDuo (Safe Mode) 715.13 MB/s 2 TB
Drives Used:
SSD: OCZ Vertex 3 Series 2.5" 120 GB (VTX3-25SAT3-120G)
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Green 3.5" 2 TB (WD20EARS)

Software Used:
IO Meter, 256KB Sequential Read, queue depth = 10

Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Get the best of both worlds by combining SSD performance with standard HDD capacity, through HyperDuo technology
  • Maximize your system capabilities with 2 internal mSATA SSD slots and SATA III connection speeds
  • Increase your storage capacity and connect up to 7 hard drives through Port Multiplier


  • Supports HyperDuo SSD auto-tiering, merging SSD performance with HDD capacity
  • 2 mSATA SSD slots and 2 AHCI SATA III (6 Gbps) ports through PCI Express
  • Supports hardware RAID 0 and 1 modes
  • Fully compliant with SATA 3.0 specifications and backward compatible with SATA I/II (1.5/3.0Gbps) drives
  • Port Multiplier FIS-based and Command-based switching supported
  • Compliant with PCI Express 2.0 standards
  • Simple HyperDuo configuration via card BIOS or intuitive GUI console (Windows only)
  • Supports TRIM command with compatible SSD and Operating System
  • Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ) and ATA/ATAPI commands
  • On-board latching mSATA slots - SSD installation with no screws required
  • Configured with standard profile bracket, low-profile/half-height bracket included
  • Supports HDDs/SSDs/Optical/Blu-Ray drives


Connector Type(s): PCI Express x4 Male

Internal Ports: mSATA (52 pin, Mini SATA) Slot Receptacle

SATA (7 pin, Data) Plug

Operating Temperature: 5C to 50C (41F to 122F)

Storage Temperature: -25C to 70C (-13F to 158F)

Humidity: 20~80% RH

Ports: 2

Interface: Mini SATA

Bus Type: PCI Express

Card Type: Standard Profile (LP bracket incl.)


Port Style: Integrated on Card

Industry Standards: Serial ATA 3.0 specification

PCI Express 2.0

Chipset ID: Marvell - 88SE9230

Shipping (Package) Weight: 160 g [5.6 oz]

Type and Rate: SATA III (6 Gbps)

Port Multiplier: Yes

Number of Ports That Support Port Multiplier: 2 (can only use 1 PM at a time)

Number of Drives Supported Through Port Multiplier: 1 to 4

Bootable: Yes

LBA support: 48-bit


Supported RAID Modes: JBOD - (Just a Bunch of Disks)

ATAPI Support: Yes

RAID 1 (Mirrored Disks)

RAID 0 (Striped Disks)

Max Drive Capacity: Currently tested up to 4TB per drive

Product Length: 125 mm [4.9 in]

Product Width: 20 mm [0.8 in]

Product Height: 120 mm [4.7 in]

Product Weight: 60 g [2.1 oz]

OS Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Note: Connected drives cannot be used as System / Primary drive in Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016

System and Cable Requirements: Available PCI Express x4 slot (backward compatible with x8, and x16 slots

Note: The maximum throughput of this card is limited by the bus interface. If used with PCI Express Gen 1.0 enabled computers, the max throughput is 2.5 Gbps per lane. If used with PCI Express Gen 2.0 enabled computers, the max throughput is 5 Gbps per lane. Only one port can use the Port Multiplier feature at a time. Supports up to 4 drives connected via Port Multiplier, 7 drives total. Port Multiplier not supported in Mac OS.

Included in Package: PCIe mSATA/SATA Controller Card

Low Profile Bracket

Driver CD

Instruction Manual